Core Technology

  • Multi-level Safety Detection and Protection

    Guarantee functional safety in autonomous drive through full management of error detection and correction in both software and hardware.

  • Lane Detection

    Rapidly and accurately recognizes various types of traffic lanes in the complicated road environment.

  • Real-time Precise Vehicle Localization

    Precisely localize the vehicle based on the fusion of vision and other sensors.

  • Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection

    Accurately detect pedestrian, non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles in autonomous drive.

  • Vehicle Attributes

    Obtain the vehicle attributes, such as the tail light, through the analysis of the visual structure of the vehicle.

  • Pedestrian Motion Analysis

    Determine the motion information of pedestrian such as direction and speed, based on pedestrian tracking.

  • Real-time Scene Understanding

    Accurately model the scene in autonomous drive through pixel-level and object-level perception capabilities.

  • Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition

    Detect and identify traffic signs in real time for autonomous drive.

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